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Genetics/Genomic Medicine

Detecting disease at the biological level.

If you have a family history of heart disease, cancer or another illness and would like to know your risk for these diseases, as well as, how to take steps to minimize it, Jain Primary Care Associates, a Member of Consensus Health, is able to help. Genetic testing includes predictive screening tests for a multitude of common disorders such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer in addition to rare genetics conditions. Patterns of illness that are hereditary in families are our primary focus. In addition, we do focused genetic testing for individuals with existing disease states, such as hereditary breast and ovarian cancer, and a variety of childhood and adult hereditary disorders. We also offer Pharmacogenetics testing, which can also assist us in choosing the precise medication at the right dose for maximal effect for you or your loved one.

Genetic Testing in the Physician’s Office, Not the Hospital

We are thrilled to offer our Genetic Testing program in our office which will save you time and alleviate the hassle of you having to go to the hospital. Dr. Arnold Pallay is the founding director of the Personalized Genomics Program at Atlantic Health and has advanced training in genetics and genomics. Due to Dr. Pallay’s specialty in genetics, our practice participates in extensive genetic research therefore can offer our patients cutting edge genetics care and treatment.

Peace of Mind through Practical Intervention

We take the time to counsel you, discuss your concerns, and provide you with options. If genetic tests uncover a problem, we will refer you to a qualified ancillary subspecialist when necessary.

Jain Primary Care Associates Genetics Services

State-of-the-art genetic evaluation and testing including:

  • Hereditary cancers, familial cardiac diseases, MTHFR, blood disorders, psychiatric and developmental conditions, and proper use of medications (pharmacogenetics)
  • Medications, diet, and lifestyle recommendations to mitigate risk

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